Care & Cleaning

Congratulations, you have purchased a fine quality product from Banner Glass Shelmar!

Our professional technicians perform each installation with utmost care to ensure many years of beauty and service. Please follow these recommended steps to maintain your glass, its finish, and prevent damage or leakage.


Glass cannot be cleaned completely upon installation due to the curing time for our sealants and adhesives. If cleaning is done before they have set, they can smear on your glass and be difficult to remove. We clean glass to the best of our ability upon installation, but final cleaning by you should not be done until all sealants and adhesives have set and cured.



• Do not clean for 24 hours.

• Avoid spraying of cleaners directly on mirror. Spray onto microfiber cloth, soft cloth or paper towel.

• Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia; this could affect the silver backing on the mirror.

• We recommend Banner glass Shelmar ammonia free glass cleaner.



• Use and final cleaning should not be done for 24 - 48 hours after installation.

• To avoid possible leaks on sliding shower doors, be sure door on inside track is always

located closest to shower head

• To prevent mitered frameless doors only from sticking, we recommend a light application

of petroleum jelly or lip balm wherever glass meets glass or vinyl.

• If you have purchased a permanent coating on your glass, the clear polymer finish will make

cleaning the glass easier and keep it looking clean longer. Use our blue wash with a

microfiber cloth occasionally to clean the glass when water no longer beads up on glass.

Do not use abrasive, bleach or bleach based, ammonia, or harsh chemical cleaners.

• Use of a squeegee on the inside of glass after each shower will reduce build up of

minerals and soap on glass surface.

• Clean metal surfaces with mild detergent. Do not use vinegar or vinegar based cleaners, abrasive or

soft abrasive powders and liquids, bleach or bleach based cleaners, ammonia, steel or teflon pads.

Many cleaners labeled for use in bathrooms can damage the metal finish or scratch the glass.



• Move storm windows up and down many times during the first few operations. New storm windows may be tight.

• It is not uncommon, after lengthy rain, for doors and windows to be tight due to swelling of wood.

They should return to normal after wood dries out.

• Change pin on door pump to adjust for summer/winter weight. Follow directions on your pump to

compensate for the difference in weights of glass and screen.



The protective qualities of our glass coating will be enhanced and the performance will be prolonged indefinitely by cleaning your glass with our Blue Wash, making the glass easy to clean. The Blue Wash will maintain an ultra-repellant smooth surface. Blue Wash can be used on all your glass surfaces around the home, and are available from Banner glass Shelmar. It is recommended that you wipe down your shower door glass once to twice a week with a clean towel while the surface is still wet. Use the Blue Wash to clean the glass surface using a micro fiber cloth. Then buff to a shine with a separate, clean microfiber cloth. For best results make sure surface is dry before using Blue Wash. (Blue Wash can be used on all the

hard surfaces around the home. Blue Wash has antistatic qualities that make cleaning a snap as well as less frequent!) Our protective treatment eliminates the need for harsh detergents and other household cleaners. While it is chemically resistant, using ammonia or acid based cleaners or abrasive materials on your glass can reduce the repellent qualities and will void your warranty. Should performance loss occur due to misuse or damage, the homeowner can reinstate the easy-to-clean, repellent qualities of the application by using the EZ Clean Bath Kit, available from Banner glass Shelmar. Liquid Diamond Protective Treatment may need to be added for optimum repellency. For a complete reapplication due to misuse or damage by your cleaning person, you can call Banner glass Shelmar for service. In the event that you feel your glass has lost its easy to clean, repellent qualities or has oxidized or corroded, please contact Banner glass Shelmar directly to describe your concerns.