Framed Hinge Doors

We have framed shower and tub enclosures, including Neo Angle, which is three panes of glass set together at a 135° angle. These work well for corner set shower stalls. In-Line framed shower doors are made up of 2 panes of glass that line up with each other across the edge of the tub or shower base. Our 90° shower and tub enclosures are two or three panes of glass, with one side meeting the front at a 90°angle, which works well for shower heads placed in the center of a bathroom wall. Slider doors are similar to in-line doors, but slide over each other, making it easy to get in and out of the shower from either side. Banner Glass Shelmar’s shower and tub enclosure frames are made from durable metal and come in many finishes from bronze to silver. We can customize the size of these doors to fit your home’s bathroom.

Click on an image to take a look at our variety of framed shower and tub enclosures.