Glass Railings

Railings are often a necessary component for any home, office, or other business with more than one level. While you could go with the standard, metal or wood railing that has run-of-the-mill paneling or framing, why not choose smooth and modern glass railings from Banner Glass Shelmar? We have gradually sloping railings as well as flat or curved glass for partitions and sectioned off areas on the 2nd floor and above. Our architectural team can create custom shapes, finishes, tints, and framing for your railing to fit any type of building.


If your home or business is less standard and more a work of art, we can build any type of railing or staircase to fit into your space, from a swooping spiral staircase railing to frosted rooftop deck panels. Banner Glass Shelmar also builds floating glass staircases. Fabrication and customization are our specialties. Talk to us today to receive an estimate for your custom project.

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Glass Partitions & Doors

Banner Glass Shelmar also builds and installs interior glass doors and partitions. Office, store, and restaurant environments especially benefit from custom made partitions, useful for separating areas of the building both for design and conceptual purposes. We can create frosted glass with unique patterns etched in the glass and also cut curved, angled, and sculpted shapes. Interior glass doors to separate rooms, offices, and departments are also available from our talented team. The possibilities are endless for this type of glass work and we love to come up with new designs from our customers while incorporating your ideas.

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Curved Glass

We build curved glass of all types from deck railing to display cases, staircase enclosures, and more. We can create anything you need from simple curved glass with a clear finish to elaborate curved pieces with frosted patterns. Curved glass is available for interior areas such as cabinets, stairways, and elevators, as well as exterior structures such as greenhouses, porches, decks, and bay windows. Find out if curved glass from Banner Glass Shelmar is the solution for your glass structure needs.

Painted Glass

Painted glass opens up a whole new realm of customization and beauty for your home, office, or business. From several windows that cover an entire exterior wall to a single doorway, painted glass adds personality and color. We can paint your glass structure in any solid color or multiple shades. We can also take any image or design you have in mind and recreate it on the glass. This is useful for branding, accenting, or creating customized works of art.

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Mirrored & Painted Backspalsh

Backsplashes add definition and drama to kitchens and bathrooms and protect other areas from spills and stains. They also make a room appear larger. We offer mirrored and painted backsplashes in any design you are looking for. From solid mirrors to intricate mosaics, brick patterns, and circular cutouts, mirrored backsplashes reflect light and illuminate a room. Painted backsplashes can be done with anything from a solid color to multicolored tiles to a mural design.

Counter & Shelves

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Glass table tops can add a sleek look to any room. We can create custom tops to replace one you may have broken, create one from scratch or create a custom glass top to protect your existing table.